Life Groups

Life Groups are designed to continue to build the ‘DNA’ of our church in a smaller group context, and gives people a further opportunity to grow in their relationships with God and others. 

How do I join one?  

Contact the church office, Lois or Phil Jenkins or contact the Life Group leader for details and come along and try it out. 


How do I start one?  

If you would like to lead a Life Group please see Lois or Phil Jenkins or any Life Group Leaders. 


Characteristics of a Life Group: 

Usually they meet fortnightly (sometimes weekly and sometimes monthly) for a semester. They reflect the heart (the mission and values) of Baylife Church. They help grow & develop disciples & leaders.

Four components of any Life Group are: Love, Learn, Serve and Reach. (Scroll down for some of Life Groups and Leaders below)

Life Groups & Leaders

Life Groups &/or Leaders:   

  • Greg & Adele Kent: (Wed. night- Salamander Bay) 
  • Lois & Phil Jenkins (Wed night- TBA) 
  • Lyn Oastler: (Tues 10am-12) Ladies
  • Robyn McKewin: (Tues night ) Ladies who work
  • Clinton & Rachel Jenkins (Young Families) 
  • Rob Stevenson (Mens Coffee) Weds Morning @ Gloria Jeans
  • Lachlan and Hannah Rallings (Young Adults) 
  • Bible College Life Group: Greg McKewin or Neil Matheson Wed night
  • Kayak paddling Group: Saturday morning weekly Greg Geue
  • Surfing Group: Saturday morning Rob Gibbons
  • Walk & Cappuccino: Saturday morning Lois Jenkins
  • Over 55's Book Club (women): Robyn Degenhardt
  • FiL SiL Marriage group Greg & Robyn McKewin (6 weeks group)
  • Ignite Youth Groups every Friday night &/or through the week
  • Intercessory Prayer Group

Plus many more groups for seasons...